Benefits of Joining COMMB

50-year+ history of conducting independent, in-depth measurement of OOH audiences under the scrutiny of advertising agencies, advertisers and leading OOH media companies.

As an agency/advertiser member of COMMB your benefits include:

  • Access to audience circulation data for all OOH company members representing over 60,000 outdoor and indoor faces across Canada.
  • Access to planning resources, COMMBNavigator® * and COMMB Data Report, recognized by members for their ease of use:
    • Quickly build and compare campaign plans to determine what works best for clients.
    • Planners and buyers can compare OOH company members’ COMMB-approved circulations on an apples-to-apples basis.
    • No software license fees = unlimited access to COMMB software for users.
  • Strengthen your accountability to clients by using industry approved data.
  • Opportunity to provide your input to industry measurement and resources through involvement on COMMB’s Research Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Customized OOH measurement and software training to meet your agency’s needs and build staff knowledge and confidence.
  • Assurance that circulation data being used by OOH companies is accurate through the COMMB audit.

* Note: To use the COMMBNavigator® application, your company must be a member of COMMB and Numeris (previously BBM) and be a subscriber to the NLogic-RTS Consumer Study (NLogic’s RTS data is integrated into the Navigator application).

Application form Here

COMMB’s Sourcing Guidelines  Here

For more information about membership and benefits, please contact Jeremy Stick or Amanda Dorenberg at 416.968.3823.

 Moira Gilderson “COMMB’s OOH planning software is easy to use, quick and responsive – indispensable attributes for an agency environment where we work to short deadlines.”

Moira Gilderson,
VP, Associate Media Director
Dentsu Media

“With COMMBNavigator® and the COMMB Data Report, I can easily find the OOH information I need. It’s quick, precise and efficient.

From data that helps me in the planning stage to detailed inventory per market or OOH company, everything is immediately available.”

Jean-François Bourdeau,
Director of Media Research

 Jean-François Bourdeau