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Governed by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

  • Advertising must be accurate, verifiable and within the limits of good taste and propriety  
  • Advertising should encourage the legal, moderate and safe consumption of liquor and discourage abusive drinking patterns
  • Advertising must not:
    • be targeted at minors depict excessive or prolonged consumption of liquor
    • encourage non-drinkers to consume liquor
    • promote irresponsible liquor consumption or service
    • show heavy or prolonged liquor consumption
    • give the impression liquor benefits a person’s health
    • disparage (put down) another company, business or product
  • Advertising which promotes the responsible consumption of liquor (i.e., legal, moderate and safe) is highly recommended and supported by the AGLC
  • A liquor supplier, a licensee or a third party acting on their behalf (i.e., marketing company) may advertise in any medium not specifically prohibited, as long as the advertising complies with these policies, the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) and any other regulator with jurisdiction.
  • Comparative price advertising is allowed, but must not disparage a competitor or competitor’s product
  • Advertising may take the following form:
    • posters on community billboards
  • Advertising content restrictions:
    • drinking scenes depicted in advertising must be legal
    • the quantity of a liquor product shown in a social setting must not exceed one drink per person
    • any scene showing a person with liquor before or while operating a vehicle (motorized or not) or doing any activity considered dangerous or requiring care is prohibited
    • advertising must not appeal to minors or be placed in any medium targeted specifically at minors
    • no minor or anyone who may reasonably be mistaken for a minor may appear in advertising for a liquor product
    • no well-known personality or look-alike with strong appeal to minors may be featured in liquor advertising
    • the use or imitation of children’s fairy tales, jingles, nursery rhymes, songs, musical themes or fictional characters from children’s books is prohibited in liquor advertising

For detailed information, visit:

Liquor Act
Liquor Licence Handbook

Amendments current as of: December 2018
Date of COMMB update: September 2019