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Governed by the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority

  • A licensee may advertise using any medium.
  • A licensee may include any or all of the following information for their licensed premises in an advertisement:
    • liquor prices;
    • hours of sale;
    • names of liquor manufacturers or brands sold
  • A licensee must not use an advertisement that does any of the following:
    • Encourages people to drink liquor irresponsibly;
    • Depicts people drinking liquor;
    • Depicts a person who is intoxicated;
    • Depicts a person behaving irresponsibly or illegally;
    • Implies that driving while consuming or having consumed liquor is acceptable conduct;
    • Directly targets minors or is used in locations used or visited mostly by minors;
    • Depicts liquor as one of life’s necessities;
    • Depicts liquor as a key to social acceptance or personal success;
    • Depicts liquor as central to the enjoyment of any activity;
    • Depicts liquor as a status symbol;
    • Uses pictures or descriptions of minors or of personalities, images or activities that may appeal to minors.

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Liquor Control Act  

Amendment current as of March, 2016
Update by COMMB date: September 2019