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Food & Beverages

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AI, Digital Menu Boards




The objective is to implement drive-thru technology to help businesses, such as Costa UK, improve customer service, reduce waiting times and personalize their marketing.

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The pandemic has put more pressure on making drive-thrus a much more important part of a restaurant group’s offer, and this is where Acrelec stepped up to help businesses with products that include outdoor digital menu boards, customer identification technology and systems that bring vital new efficiencies to drive-thru operations.

Acrelec’s digital menu boards are designed to help improve the visibility of products, changing their displays based on the time of day. Its boards also have an order view function so that the customer can see their order written down as it is being taken, which helps reduce the number of errors with the order. They can also be linked to a restaurant’s POS system, so if an item is out of stock that information can be displayed on the screen so the customer knows not to order it, reducing order time.

Acrelec also created customer identification Drive ID, designed to identify customers upon arrival at the order point and generate up-sell opportunities through personalization.

Acrelec’s QTimer 2.0 is another product designed to further streamline the drive-thru experience by helping businesses find out the duration of a customer order at different points – order, payment, and service. It also gives businesses data on the overall length of service, which helps teams see what’s happening in real-time and identifies whether there are any bottlenecks.


Costa is one company of many that are looking to harness the power of QTimer 2.0. Although they began using this technology in December, Ramparia (Coffee Lovers director) says “With an integrated solution we can react to day parts, the weather, the time of day, and customize offers and promotions on the back of it. And if it’s a sunny day we can promote cooler drinks, for example, using AI to customize the offer.”