International Spy Museum




International Spy Museum





Product Category:

Entertainment / Culture / Leisure

OOH Format:

Bikeshare Panels, Car Cards, Digital Transit Liveboards, Metro Rail Headliners




The campaign was designed to increase awareness of the new location opening and urge people to purchase tickets. There were two target audiences: Washington DC locals to be  targeted throughout the year; and tourists to be targeted during peak tourism season (April-July).

How does a museum popular with locals and tourists communicate its new location to visitors?

Target Group:

Strategy and Media Used:

The plan focused on large high-impact OOH units to catch the attention the target audience while they were out exploring the city, heading to other museums, or going to an MLB baseball game. Five different creative messages were used at multiple touchpoints. The creative in each unit featured a large question where the typography was subjected to a principle of espionage to: challenge the viewer while teasing the museum experience; and encouraging them to step into the shoes of a spy by visiting the museum.

• Bikeshare Posters – Bikeshare is very popular among tourists, especially those with older kids, which is the key demographic for the Spy Museum. They are also highly visible in heavily trafficked areas for those on foot.
• Metro Subway Rail Headliner- For this placement, along the top of the metro cars, a contextually relevant message asked “Could you hang on?” with the type designed to look like it was hanging off the tail of a helicopter rail, similar to the way
riders hang on to the railings in the train car.
• Interior Metro Subway Car Cards – These have been a staple of the Spy Museum’s media strategy over the years due to the captive audience, high frequency of riders, and the ability to reach both tourists and locals.
• Digital Triptych Displays at Nationals Park Metro Station – Three adjacent digital OOH boards tripled the impact at the top of e escalator to the metro station next to the ballpark. The thousands of fans going in and out of the ballpark for each game
could not miss these units.


The International Spy Museum exceeded their attendance and revenue goals by 12%. Ever since its original 2002 opening in Washington DC, the Museum has relied on OOH transit as an anchor medium for driving awareness with smart, clever, and award-winning creative.