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Janovic Paint & Home Decorating Stores





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Digital bus shelters with slow-motion animation capabilities




How does a local paint and home decorating store expand its consumer base?

Janovic’s primary marketing efforts were focused on direct mail targeting their B2B clientele, and they had not used OOH as a recent ad medium. To expand the business, they wanted to shift
their focus and marketing strategy to the consumer side and chose OOH as the ad channel.

Budget: $10,000 and over

Target Group:

Strategy and Media Used:

A four-fold strategy was implemented:

1. Audience & Store Proximity Targeting – develop insights on Janovic’s target audience and select the highest indexing assets in the neighborhoods closest to the nine store locations in Manhattan.

2. Creative – use to showcase their partnerships with Benjamin Moore and Hunter Douglas. Janovic also teamed up with a local NYC artist to create ads that were vibrant and engaging.

3. Campaign KPI Measurement – conduct foot traffic research using consumers exposed to the OOH campaign versus consumers not exposed, plus precampaign and in-campaign measurement.

4. Amplification – add geofencing to deliver a synergistic mobile media message to the audience exposed to the OOH ads to further identify campaign exposure and engagement.


The foot traffic study revealed an overall increase in visitation rate of 35%.
The mobile geofencing produced over 2,000 additional website visitations as a result of the digital engagement the OOH ads helped produce.  A majority of the mobile impressions were served to A25-54 audience and the mobile ads produced the highest CTR among the 55-64 age group.