Kruter Motors




Kruter Motors





Product Category:

Auto & Auto Services

OOH Format:

Digital bulletins




The purpose was to demonstrate the power of an in-market OOH campaign by grabbing the attention of the automotive community in Motor City. The target audience was auto executives and agency decision makers to show them first hand
the power OOH has when it comes to generating brand awareness and promoting secondary actions by driving them to

Target Group:

Strategy and Media Used:

The strategy covered five key elements:

1. Market: As the home to the American auto industry, Detroit was the obvious market to launch a real OOH campaign for a fake auto brand.

2. Ad Formats: 30 digital bulletins on main roads and highways throughout the market were selected; their combined reach over the duration of the campaign would produce reach upward of 2 million consumers.

3. Creative: the creative concept featured bold ads which featured attention grabbing copy that teetered on the verge of believability.

4. Website:, a custom microsite, was built so that anyone who searched for the brand would learn that while Kruter Motors is not a real brand, the power of OOH to drive awareness and secondary actions is very real.

5. Social Media: The campaign was featured on LinkedIn page and an Instagram campaign was created to treat the Kruter as its own brand.


The campaign was measured through both a mobile survey and website analytics. The survey measurement involved geofencing all billboards in the campaign and utilized a double opt-in consumer panel that allowed passive tracking of their location.
Panelists passing through the geofence around any of the campaign OOH units received a survey and had 24 hours to complete it. A total of 150 surveys were completed in four days. The KPIs were focused on consumer exposure and secondary actions including: ad recall, brand awareness, and behaviors/intentioned behaviors including online search, such as looking for the brand. Survey and website results revealed:

• 38% ad recall of Kruter Motors (aided and unaided)
• Over 2,000 website visits to
• 48-second average visit duration on the website
• 84% took an offline or online action after being exposed to the campaign

After the campaign and research concluded, there was an additional creative reveal “BILLBOARDS BUILD BRANDS” on the same digital billboards used during the campaign. The creative directed people to the same, and the updated content highlighted the successful details of the case study.