Product Category:

Government / Public Service

OOH Format:

Mobile Billboards




The objective was to raise awareness around the brand, the benefits of becoming an employee and increase the number of online applicants in the Denver area for carriers, clerks and tractor trailer operators. The target demographics were 18+, high
school educated.

Target Group:

Strategy and Media Used:

To help spread awareness of the benefits, the USPS chose to work with an agency to deploy an integrated out of home media and digital strategy called “shadowfencing” in the Denver area. Developed by the agency in partnership with a software
development company, this shadowfencing strategy deploys a dynamic geofence that shadows mobile billboards wherever they drive. In addition, campaign targeting parameters change automatically to serve mobile display ads to devices closest to the out of home message.
Two mobile billboard units with recruitment creative and online application CTA’s were deployed in Denver with customized routing to target restaurants, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas with the highest consumer visibility. Due to USPS content guidelines the routing needed to be sophisticated to avoid any competitive mail, shipping and/or delivery services such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.


With very strategic targeting in place, the campaign was able to achieve 951,151 total geofence/shadofence impressions, 6,218 total clicks, and an overall 0.66% click-through rate. This included an impressive 0.74% shadowfence and 0.56% geofence
CTR’s. Both shadowfence and geofence CTR’s were over the industry average. Shadowfence CTR’s were 346% compared with the Industry average and geofence CTR’s were 234% higher compared with industry average. Device ID retargeting from the mobile billboard shadowfence also resulted in a 0.96% CTR. The campaign also achieved an estimated 1.9 million mobile billboard impressions over the course of the 20-day campaign.