It's OOH data reporting made easy.

The COMMB Data Report software application will help you:

  • Quickly build your own report to view the markets, OOH products, companies, face counts and COMMB-approved circulations you need.
  • Choose from more than 270+ markets, 46 OOH products and 26 COMMB-approved OOH companies collectively representing over 60,000 outdoor and place-based advertising faces or screens.

The COMMB Data Report combines with COMMBNavigator® to create a comprehensive COMMB Data Suite.

Moira Gilderson “The COMMB Data Report gives me a comprehensive list of key OOH companies and critical quantitative data including separate views of digital inventory. It saves me time and opens my eyes to OOH options.”

Moira Gilderson,
VP Group Account Director,
Dentsu Media Toronto

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How to Access the COMMB Data Report
To use the COMMB Data Report application, your company must be a member of COMMB.

For information on COMMB membership:

Companies with a COMMB membership have access to the COMMB Data Report for an unlimited number of users and there are no license fees.

The COMMB Data Report is a locally-residing application, accessible from the user’s desktop. The software must first be installed by your company’s IT personnel.

If your company is a COMMB member, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the COMMBNavigator®/COMMB Data Report User Request Form.
  2. Once your IT department has installed the COMMB Data Report to your user profile, the COMMB icon will appear on your desktop. Launch the application by clicking on this iconPinand log in using the information sent to you. Problems? Email We’ll work on the issue and get back to you.

Software Installation instructions: Install COMMB Data Suite

Custom Training: Email Jeremy Stick

Video Tutorials: Video Tutorials

Resource Documents
Click here for access to:

  • Face Count Tracker
  • National Out-of-Home Inventory Overview
  • COMMB Data Report Definitions
  • COMMB Reference Data