OOH Certification Program Overview

Learn How to Plan and Buy Out-of-Home Media

COMMB is in the process of developing new, comprehensive market data, audience measurement and software.

As a result, COMMB is revamping the current certification program so it will not be offered in the upcoming months. If you’d like training or information on the current COMMB methodologies/systems please contact Jeremy Stick (jstick@commb.ca) or support @commb.ca. New certification modules will be created and released later in the year.

COMMB’s OOH Certification Program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to plan OOH campaigns.

Who should take this course?
Language(s) available
Instructors & contact info

Who should take this course?
It is designed for entry-level planners and buyers, experienced individuals seeking a refresher on OOH, advertisers and schools.

Languages available
Material is available in both English and French.

Instructors & contact info
Jeremy Stick, Software & Training Consultant, COMMB – jstick@commb.ca – 416-968-3823 ext 112