COMMB Data Suite: COVID-19 Adjustments

Many of our members have inquired about outdoor circulations and place-based impressions adjusted to reflect COVID-19s impact on traffic patterns, at this time the January 4th, 2021, CDS release does not include any COVID-19 adjustment factors.  The situation with COVID-19 across the country is varying not only by market or province, but also on a month-to-month, weekly and daily basis.  It would be a disadvantage to our members and their clients for COMMB to report information that could be invalid the very next day.

With this in mind, COMMB has embarked upon a plan to provide more enhanced interim reporting of the COVID-19 impact to our industry.  We are currently reviewing proposals that could provide our members with year-over-year and month-to-month comparatives in many markets across the country.

COMMB seeks to make a recommendation to its Research Committee at our first meeting in January and a subsequent recommendation to our Board of Directors in early February.  This interim reporting would allow COMMB to provide its members with more accurate insights and information to support maintaining share of advertising spend across the medium.

It is our goal to be a strong advocate for the OOH industry during these uncertain times.