Digital OOH Study

  • Digital OOH commands high attention levels
  • Canadian Shoppers look to DOOH for information and services

COMMB/BrandSpark Digital Out-of-Home Study

A study with Canadian shoppers on their attitudes and perceptions of DOOH show that they are interested in interacting with digital ads. Some of the key findings are:

  • Eight out of ten shoppers in major urban markets Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal agree that DOOH is effective in communicating Public Safety Messages
  • 70% of shoppers accept digital signs as a normal part of public space in large cities with almost 80% in Toronto compared to 69% in Vancouver and 66% in Montreal.
  • 81% of shoppers in Toronto find that DOOH is seen as an effective way to communicate important and timely information while over three quarters (71%) in Montreal and 63% in Vancouver agree.
  • Almost 5 in 10 shoppers in major cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are interested in interacting with digital ads to obtain information or promo offers on products/services.
  • Six out of ten shoppers in major urban markets Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal notice digital billboards.
  • Vancouver shoppers pay the most attention with almost three quarters (73%) saying they notice digital billboards, compared to 62% in Toronto and 60% in Montreal.
  • Attention levels are highest (79%) among urban adults age 35 – 49, a group that has an active lifestyle and spends more than half their day outside the home.
  • Attention levels are also high among smartphone owners (73%) providing opportunities for advertisers to interact with shoppers to provide offers and product/store information.

Download the 2016 study (PDF).

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