Governed by Manitoba Election Finances Act

  • Election Period: The period commencing on the date of issue of a writ or writs for an election and ending on polling day for that election.
  • Advertising: Advertising in any broadcast, print or electronic medium that promotes or opposes a registered political party or the election of a candidate.
  • Advertising rates 
    During an election period, no person shall charge a registered political party, constituency association or candidate, or an individual acting with the consent of any of them, a rate for advertising that exceeds the lowest rate the person charges anyone else for the same amount of equivalent advertising space or time during that period.
  • The person responsible for authorizing an advertisement must ensure that the authorization is:
    • printed on the advertisement
    • announced or shown with the advertisement, if the advertisement appears on radio or television or any other electronic medium

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Amendments current as of December 2016 
Date of COMMB update: January 2017