Please note the following is a summary of information from associated government websites. It is meant as a guide to assist in placing election oriented advertising campaigns. It is for reference only as is not an official interpretation of the governing legislation. The official documents and legal counsel should be consulted to ensure accuracy.

Governed by Le Directeur Général des Élections du Québec, Financing and Expenses 

Election posters and billboards

  • Notwithstanding any inconsistent legislative or regulatory provision, election posters and billboards shall not be subject, during an election period, to any restriction or condition except as provided by this Act.
  • All advertising relating to an election and done during an election period must be clearly identified.
  • In the seven days following the day on which the order is issued, no election advertising in any medium can be done except by the Chief Electoral Officer.
  • No election poster or billboard may be placed on a bus shelter or on a public bench, unless space is provided for that purpose, in which case the applicable rules must be complied with.
  • No election poster or billboard may be placed on the right of way of a road if the right of way is contiguous to a residential immovable.
  • All election posters and billboards must be removed not later than 15 days after polling day.

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For the complete Elections Financing and Expenses Section, visit:, Chapter IV.1, Election Posters and Billboard (259.1)
Amendments current as of November 2016
Date of COMMB Update: January 2017