Don’t Pop it, Stop it!


Titre :

Don't Pop it, Stop it!

Annonceur :

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

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Source :

Ads of the World

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Pays :

United Arab Emirates

Objectif :

Everyone knows how tempting it is to squeeze a pimple. The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in the UAE wanted to publicise its resurfacing and laser treatment for acne scarring, while discouraging people from squeezing their spots.

Groupe ciblé :

Acne sufferers

Stratégie et médias utilisés :

The Academy saw the similarity between the temptation to squeeze a spot and the temptation to pop bubble wrap, so it launched a poster campaign featuring a woman’s face, with the entire poster covered in bubble wrap. The message read: “Acne. Don’t pop it. Stop it”, along with contact details for the clinic. The idea was that people would find it too tempting not to pop the bubble wrap, thus engaging with the poster and the message for longer.

Résultats :

As a result of the campaign, the clinic recorded an increase in enquiries at the call centre regarding skin resurfacing treatments of 15%.