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Atomic Awards

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To introduce itself to a relatively new market, Leon’s demonstrated its understanding of Quebec by embracing Moving Day, the July 1 phenomenon that sees thousands move homes every year on the same day.

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As consumers abandoned their furniture on sidewalks – much of it in fine condition but deemed unworthy by its owners – Leon’s saw an opportunity to highlight the quality of its own products. The brand created life-sized out-of-home billboards by framing the discarded furniture. Consumers took pictures that became coupons when presented in store. The campaign generated considerable buzz with people sharing the photo-coupons on social media but it also got people thinking more critically about waste and acquiring durable furniture.

Résultats :

The campaign garnered more than one million earned media impressions, leading to a 15.8% increase in store traffic and a 34.7% increase in sales compared to the previous year.