Let’s Get Going


Titre :

Let's Get Going

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Année :


Source :

Cassies 2017

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Format d'affichage :

Extérieur, Intérieur

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Objectif :

To increase and stop the decline of brand share after a successful launch.

Groupe ciblé :

Immigrants and non-immigrant “life transitioners” – such as those embarking on a new chapter in life – new job or moving to a new city.

Stratégie et médias utilisés :

Chatr found that new Canadians made up 50% of its users and this presented a unique target to focus. As they arrived in Canada, advertising placements in various airports targeted these new Canadians and Chatr kiosks offered newcomers a free long-distance call home. In addition potential customers were geo-targeted in their home countries on websites frequented by those interested in immigration. Life transitioners were targeted with digital banner ads on job sites and Kijjiji.

Résultats :

Gross activation for Chatr increased by 54% and subscribers grew 30%. Chatr more than doubled its share of the prepaid market to 12% and is now one of Roger’s fastest –growing businesses. Awareness for the brand increased 16%, while the brand’s attribute of “worry-free” solution increased by 19%.