Impact of Media Fragmentation

Canadian’s media habits continue to change. A new 2016 study highlights the challenges in reaching shoppers, particularly millennials.  Some of the key findings from this study are:

  • 39% of Shoppers, 18-64 are using adblocking software to avoid online ads
  • Almost 1 in 2 adults 18-34 also use adblocking software
  • 79% of adblock users pay attention to OOH ads
  • 61% of shoppers 18-34 watch less than 5 hours per week of Cable and or Broadcast TV
  • Over ¾ of light TV viewers pay attention to OOH ads
  • Over 50% of shoppers 18-64 spend less than 1 hour a week reading print and digital newspapers and magazines
  • 73% of light readers pay attention to OOH Ads

Source: BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study (2016)

Click here to download the study (pdf).