Impact of Creative on Recall

Creating Effective Out-of-Home Communication

Mediacom (OUTFRONT) and the University of Alberta conducted a study to determine the relationship between creative characteristics and ad awareness levels. OOH ads were categorized on over 30 variables that included:

  • Message Style
  • Use of Colour
  • Copy Length
  • Type Size
  • Type Style

The key findings from this study were:

  • Literal ads tend to be factual and state the obvious
  • Literal ads were the least impactful
  • Single-minded focused ads deliver more impact
  •  The use of a brand icon can create higher awareness levels because of the familiarity and known positioning of that icon.

In addition the study also found that:

  • Legibility is a key factor in a successful outdoor campaign
  • Legible copy is primarily related to copy length and size. A larger type size and shorter copy length are shown to be the most effective

Source: Mediacom (OUTFRONT media) and University of Alberta Study