Maxime, Clean up Your Room!

October 12, 2017

It is no secret that cleaning up or picking up after yourself is the number one source of discord between roommates. With this knowledge, Hertel a well-known cleaning brand saw an opportunity to capitalize on this problem. Targeting millennials in Quebec, Hertel developed a website where roommates could upload specific messages such as: “Maxime clean up your room”, “Paul pick-up your junk”, “Lucy wash your dishes”, which would then be displayed on DOOH boards in Montreal.

According to Andréa Paquin-Lessard, chef de marque Hertel, “the 20-34 age group is very active on different digital platforms but not very receptive to common advertising strategies. We need to be connected to them and show some originality and audacity to be able to reach them.” 

Watch the video here.