Market-Specific Data

To accommodate the significant variance that occurs from market to market in consumer travel patterns, road size and configuration, and commercial trends, COMMB conducts measurement studies in over 275 markets. This ensures the most accurate figures possible are available for advertisers and their agencies.

  • Outdoor circulation studies take place in over 275 Canadian markets from major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to the smallest rural regions such as Temiskaming, Notre Dame du Lac and Wood Buffalo.
  • Circulation studies for our place-based networks are conducted in 45 markets in all provinces.
  • Load factor studies to determine the average number of passengers travelling in a vehicle are conducted in every COMMB CMA and CA market.
  • In-market studies to determine the percentage of vehicles originating from inside the market – an important requirement for the accurate calculation of Gross Rating Points (GRPs) – are conducted in more than 45 COMMB CMA and CA markets.

No matter which market you wish to target, the breadth of COMMB’s circulation work ensures the most reliable circulation numbers.