About the Reach-Frequency model

The COMMBNavigator® reach-frequency model delivers the probable exposure of a target to an outdoor advertising campaign by relating COMMB’s circulation data to RTS’ kilometers-driven information.

RTS” is Canada’s largest consumer study published twice annually – a valuable tool trusted by over 40 of Canada’s leading advertising agencies and numerous media companies.


What makes the COMMBNavigator® R/F model a reliable tool?
The mathematical model has been adjusted using real-world travel data, thereby offering a high level of reliability to media planners, buyers and sellers.

Using in-car GPS technology, COMMB studied Canadians’ driving patterns over a seven year period in five Canadian markets. In total, over 265,000 kilometres were tracked, generating 980,000 exposures to COMMB outdoor advertising. These exposures were determined by comparing the routes traveled to actual COMMB outdoor advertising locations.

Data reliability is sound, with an average variance of just 3% across all data collected.


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