Why Use COMMBNavigator®?

You’ll Plan Smarter. Faster.
Sitting on your desktop, COMMBNavigator® is fast, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Put time in your day with at-a-glance views of the COMMB Data Report which is integrated into the software tool. The COMMB Data Report will help you quickly determine which outdoor products are available in 45 markets, and then with a single click, send your selections to your campaign plan.

Bullseye. Every time.
Whether you want to reach 18-34 year-old women who shop online, men 35-54 who drink beer regularly, or hundreds of consumer profiles in between, you can now segment and target with ease in COMMBNavigator® due to integration of COMMB’s inventory data with Nlogic’s RTS study. Add precision to your reach-frequency analysis by quickly searching the RTS database and creating the target profile that means the most to your brand.

Quickly see how reach and impressions build week to week when there is a campaign hiatus or fluctuating campaign weight levels. Just click the Flighting box in the Plan Builder and adjust your campaign weights and timing accordingly.

Use the graph icon   graph iconto compare reach-build and effective-reach for multiple campaign options. Change values on the fly to get the insight you need.


COMMBNavigator® works harder so you plan smarter.

Moira Gilderson “COMMB’s OOH planning software is easy to use, quick and responsive – indispensable attributes for an agency environment where we work to short deadlines.”

Moira Gilderson,
VP Group Account Director
Dentsu Media

“COMMBNavigator® is fast, easy to use, and provides the insight I need when exploring various campaign options.

The integration of Numeris-RTS is a great addition allowing me to generate reports for each client’s targeting objectives.

As an ex-agency guy, I have to say that COMMBNavigator® hits the mark for both OOH planners and sellers.”

Jeff Ferguson,
National Sales

Jeff Ferguson