OOH Audit

COMMB holds its Out-of-Home Company members to the highest standards of performance through stringent audit procedures.

Data synchronization
The COMMB Audit verifies that COMMB OOH company members are delivering the correct COMMB-approved circulations and where appropriate, corresponding GRPs.

This process ensures that critical data such as circulations, in-market factors and populations are synchronized between COMMB and its OOH company members.

Customized software is used to identify discrepancies between COMMB data and the trading data used by COMMB OOH company members.  This state-of-the art process enables data to be monitored on an ongoing basis, and any errors to be quickly corrected.

2017 COMB Audit Report

COMMB members can learn more about the COMMB Audit and its benefits: Audit

If you require other information, please contact COMMB, info@commb.ca or 416-968-3823 x 105.

Sheri Metcalfe “In a time when measurement across media can lack transparency, our agency team believes strongly in the peace of mind and accuracy provided by COMMB for out-of-home products. We believe that COMMB members can leverage strong value from their world-class auditing methods.”

Sheri Metcalfe, Senior VP,
Co-Managing Director, Jungle-Media