Why Join COMMB?

An innovative approach to modern OOH measurement, COMMB is on the cusp of emerging technologies, new trends in data science and analytics. We’re the trusted source for OOH insights in the Canadian market with over 50-year+ of history of conducting independent, in-depth measurement of OOH audiences, combining innovation with trust. Our measurement and marketing initiatives are vetted by industry leaders from both the buy side and the sell side. COMMB’s members consist of advertisers, agencies, media owners and programmatic tech-stacks.

As an OOH company member of COMMB your benefits include:

  • Market-leading measurement methodologies developed and validated by research experts and COMMB’s Research Committee comprised of buyers and sellers.
  • Provides market credibility and a competitive edge over other OOH companies that are not members.
  • Access to COMMB’s planning resources: COMMBNavigator® * and the COMMB Data Report that are used by planners to evaluate and develop OOH campaigns.
  • Shared research costs provide a cost-effective approach in the advancement and development of new measurement methodologies.
  • Access to published circulations for all COMMB OOH companies, keeping members “in the know” and better able to evaluate audience delivery against competitors.
  • Access to COMMB’s Inventory Management System, for efficient maintenance of your inventory and circulation updates.
  • Marketing & Educational resources available to you and your entire team, such as COMMB’s soon-to-launch PDOOH certification program, COMMB Talks events, featured content in our industry and public outreach and much more!

* Note: To use the COMMBNavigator® application, your company must be a member of COMMB and Numeris (previously BBM) and be a subscriber to the NLogic-RTS Consumer Study (NLogic’s RTS data is integrated into the Navigator application).

Outdoor Operator Application form here

Place-Based Operator Application form here

COMMB’s Sourcing Guidelines here

For more information about membership and benefits, please contact Jeremy Stick jstick@commb.ca

Michele Erskine headshot

“COMMB’s third-party, industry-sanctioned measurement of OOH audiences provides credibility for its member companies, allowing our advertising partners to work with us, confident that we deliver the audience we say we do.

COMMB also keeps us well-informed of new methodologies being developed around the world and their possible application in Canada while providing the forum for OOH buyers and sellers to collaborate on OOH measurement initiatives”
Michele Erskine,
CEO – Canada