OOH Industry Launches New Trade Association and Measurement Plans

March 12, 2018


Toronto, March 12, 2018

The OOH industry has announced plans to transform how it markets and measures OOH’s audiences through a new single trade association called COMMB, the Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau. COMMB will replace COMB, which has served as the measurement arm and OMAC, the marketing arm for the OOH industry.

“A large scale pilot study is planned for 2018 that will integrate mobile data, municipal traffic counts and travel surveys to provide a wealth of audience data that was not previously available. This is phase one of a three year plan to provide granular quantitative and qualitative audience information at the location level for outdoor and street level advertising,” said Rosanne Caron, President of COMMB.

COMMB’s outdoor and street level member companies are funding the new measurement initiatives which are designed to provide advertisers and their agencies with comprehensive data that shows how OOH reaches a specific target audience.

“These are very exciting times to be in Out-of-Home. We are a media that has demonstrated a consistent ability to reinvent ourselves, we adapt and we thrive. The changes we are making at COMMB, respond to a period of dramatic change and will better equip us to develop and deploy new measurement methodologies and planning tools to support our continued growth. The joint commitment that this initiative represents by all of the members of COMMB, the staff and the leadership of Rosanne, attests to the vision for our future that we all share. I could not be more pleased to be a part of this. Out-of-Home is poised for a very bright future and we’re all part of making it happen,” commented Michele Erskine, CEO, OUTFRONT Media Canada and COMMB’s Chair.

COMMB is the national organization for the Canadian OOH industry comprised of advertisers, advertising agencies and OOH companies. COMMB is responsible for developing and verifying audience measurement methodologies, providing audience data and planning resources, marketing and communications, government relations and member services. www.commb.ca

For more information please contact:
Rosanne Caron
President, COMMB
rcaron@commb.ca 416.968.3823 x 108