Why Join COMMB?

Using an innovative approach to modern OOH measurement, COMMB is embracing emerging technologies, new trends in data science and analytics.  We’re the trusted source for OOH insights in the Canadian market more than over 50 years of conducting independent, in-depth measurement of OOH audiences, combining innovation with trust.  Industry leaders from both the buy side and the sell side vet our measurement and marketing initiatives. COMMB’s members consist of advertisers, agencies, media owners and programmatic tech-stacks.

As a Programmatic/Re-Marketer member of COMMB your benefits include:

  • Access to audience circulation and impression data for all OOH media owner (publisher) members representing more than 60,000+ outdoor locations and place-based venues across Canada.  Our granular impression data includes hourly, day-of-week and other dayparts necessary for effective audience delivery in the programmatic landscape.
  • The opportunity to join our Programmatic DOOH committee, comprising buy-side, sell-side and programmatic tech-stacks to propel the adoption and standardization of PDOOH.
  • Access to current planning resources, COMMBNavigator® * and COMMB Data Report, recognized by members for their ease of use:
    • Quickly build and compare campaign plans to determine what works best for clients.
    • Planners and buyers can compare OOH company members’ COMMB-approved circulations on an apples-to-apples basis.
    • No software license fees = unlimited access to COMMB software for users.
  • Access to in-development planning resources upon release for enhanced campaign planning, audience segmentation and RFI components.
  • Strengthen your accountability with clients by applying industry-approved transparent data they can trust to use with their advertisers and agencies.
  • Marketing & Educational resources available to you and your entire team, such as COMMB’s soon-to-launch PDOOH certification program, COMMB Talks events, featured content in our industry and public outreach and much more!


SSP/Full Stack Application form Here
DSP/Trade Desk Application form Here


*Note: To use the COMMBNavigator® application, your company must be a member of COMMB and Numeris (previously BBM) and be a subscriber to the NLogic-RTS Consumer Study (NLogic’s RTS data is integrated into the Navigator application).