OOH Effectiveness Evidence

A study conducted by BrandScience, an econometrics and data science business provided insights on how advertisers can increase their return on investment (ROI) in Out-of-Home.

An analysis of over 200 OOH advertising campaigns of which 160 had OOH in the media mix provided evidence of the effectiveness of OOH and demonstrated the medium’s value in delivering profitability. The study also looked at how OOH works with other media in an increasingly digital media landscape. The brands included FMCG – Fast Moving Consumers Goods, Travel, Technology, Finance, Charity, Grocery and Retail.

Key findings include:

  • Increasing investment in OOH as part of the marketing mix drives ROI for advertisers
  • Media channels consistently improve ROI across individual categories when OOH is included in the mix
  • Dropping OOH from a campaign can lead to reduced campaign effectiveness
  • Cost-effective tactical OOH campaigns can be very effective at boosting total campaign ROI

Download the executive summary here